Medical scrub colors

Medical scrub colors

A classic white coat is not the only option for medical workers. Stylish, practical, colored scrub uniforms are becoming increasingly popular. How does one choose the correct uniform? Are there unwritten rules about which colors are associated with specific jobs? Let's find out now!


Medical apparel colors and their meaning


White scrubs

These are versatile models that medical workers of various specialities often wear. White scrubs are chosen by nurses, surgeons, plastic surgeons, and massage therapists. Such clothing can be as simple as possible, which makes it convenient for use in the operating room or embellished with decorative elements and prints. 


Black scrub uniform

The color black helps to concentrate on finding a solution or completing a task. Medical professionals in such outfits look authoritative and confident.

Which specialists wear black uniforms? Black is chosen by doctors and nurses of any profile. Black suits are often present in the professional wardrobe of surgeons, traumatologists, urologists, and massage therapists. 


Green medical or surgical scrubs 

Green is the most common color for the surgical profile among doctors and nurses. Why did it become so popular?

Green not only distinguishes surgeons from doctors in white coats, but also helps make it feel more comfortable in the operating room by reducing the negative impact of bright light on the eyes. If a long and complicated operation is ahead, it is better for doctors and nurses to choose green medical apparel.


Pink scrubs

This bright color of the medical uniform is for medical professionals who want to emphasize their individuality. Such attire is worn by pediatricians, anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons and nurses of various specialities. Depending on their own preferences and job features, specialists choose different shades of pink, such as powder, coral, salmon, raspberry, etc.


Blue scrubs

Thanks to the numerous shades of blue that are available, both men and women can choose stylish, comfortable scrubs with or without decor. Blue medical uniforms were originally designated for surgeons, assistants, and surgical nurses. This color reduces eye strain during lengthy procedures and has a calming effect on patients.


Purple or lilac scrubs

Purple medical uniforms are bright but rather restrained professional attire. Radiologists often choose this color, although many therapists and surgeons also like it. 


Wine or burgundy scrubs

Burgundy attire is often found in the professional wardrobe of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and radiologists. Clothing in rich, dark shades is perfect for work outside the operating room and complements the image of an experienced specialist.


Red scrubs

Red medical uniforms are popular among pediatricians, anesthesiologists, massage therapists, and cosmetic surgeons. This color is chosen by self-confident and ambitious individuals who want to create a spectacular professional wardrobe. 


Grey scrubs

Grey is a versatile everyday color that can be used in any setting. It does not attract attention and offers the wearer comfortable basic attire for examining patients, completing paperwork, or performing quick surgical procedures.


What colors of medical apparel do doctors wear?

Doctors can wear scubs of any color. The choice depends on personal preferences, corporate dress code, and job specifics.


What colors of medical apparel do surgeons wear?

The best options for surgical specialists are green and blue. With these two colors, it is possible to reduce eye strain during prolonged operations using bright light sources.