Men's Scrubs

Few people know that professional uniforms for medical personnel appeared relatively recently, a little over 100 years ago. During this time medical clothing for men has undergone significant changes.

For a long time, the traditional outfit for medical professionals was a versatile white coat. However, over time it was discovered that the snow-white color literally blinds and causes eye strain and fatigue
during medical procedures. Therefore, more practical and eye pleasing colors appeared in the wardrobe of surgeons and other doctors. In the 1970s, a serious contender, the gown, appeared. This is a comfortable, loose-fitting men's surgical suit.

Today, there are different models of men's medical scrubs. Depending on the institutional policies and the doctor's personal preferences, one can choose both the color and style of the uniform. However, the basic requirements for medical clothing remain the same. These uniforms should be practical, comfortable, and loose fitting, so as not to restrict movement.

Much attention is paid to the aesthetics of the garments these days. An elegant set (top and pants) evokes positive emotions in patients. In addition, the doctor, who spends time at the workplace around the clock, feels more comfortable and confident in convenient modern clothes.

Angel Wings Men's Scrubs

Angel Wings is proud to offer captivating “the best you have ever had” men’s medical uniform.

Our premium Achilles and men’s medical workwear (top and bottom) was tailored to accentuate men’s elegance and sophistication. The Hermes men’s scrub trim (top and bottom) reflects a flawless combination of classical canons and modern inspirations. This dynamic medical apparel was designed to fit your comfort level and deliver dependable durability.