Medical Scrubs and HealthySkin concept

Medical Scrubs and HealthySkin concept
Your medical apparel is more than just a uniform. Scrubs are worn daily for 8-12 hours (often even more than that) for many years or decades.
Your skin is constantly in contact with this apparel, so selecting suitable fabrics is essential. The textile that the scrubs are made of should provide optimal sweating and air circulation to support skin health.
Dermatologists recommend keeping skin dry and cool. Excess variations in microclimate (temperature, humidity and airflow next to the skin) parameters, including moisture and temperature, may lead to clogged skin pores, skin sensitivity and irritation, and can predispose skin to premature aging. Therefore, when wearing a medical uniform you should be confident that the microclimate for your skin under your scrubs is optimal.
These days most apparel for medical professionals is made of 100% synthetic materials, making garments practical and cheap, but often not ideal for the health of your skin as many synthetic fabrics restrict your skin from breathing.
At Angel Wings, our HealthySkin concept focuses on using healthy and skin friendly modern cotton based materials and implementing garment ventilation strategies to improve skin microclimate.